A Champion for Every Child


1. What is an ACE Tutor?

ACE Tutors work with pupils by providing A Champion for Every Child.  

ACE Tutors may be teachers or teaching assistants who have a passion for giving extra support to pupils to solve ‘life’ barriers to learning and engagement. 

The role of the ACE Tutor is to be the advocate for pupils, and to provide them with 1:1 support every week, often outside the normal school day.   They will work on a mixture of pastoral issues and learning needs, to ensure that every pupil premium child at Smarden achieves their potential.  

They will also liaise between teachers and parents/ carers to ensure that as a team, all those that play a part in supporting the pupil share the barriers and strategies between them for optimum learning and life success. 


2. How do ACE Tutors support our pupils through their Smarden learning journey?

ACE Tutors start by learning about how their pupils feel about school, their hobbies and interests and their future aspirations. Discussions may be centred around:

  • Attendance
  • Progress in subjects or gaps in learning
  • Relationships
  • Attitudes to learning 
  • Careers and goals
  • Skills and hobbies, clubs or extra curricula opportunities in school
  • Health
  • Confidence
  • Initiative
  • Leadership
  • Resilience

From these discussions, barriers are identified, incremental targets will be agreed by the pupil in order to give the pupil a focus to build on their successes. Progress against these targets is reviewed regularly, with the view to achieving success.


Successes so far

Since the AT Project launch, we have had an overwhelmingly positive response from our teachers, students and Ambition Tutors. 

What some of our children say about the ACE programme:

"My ACE tutor encourages me to come to school and he makes me feel good and confident."

"My ACE tutor helps me with Maths, she makes me feel happy and I try to do even better in Maths and I like to show her."

"My ACE tutor is very kind and helps me when I get stuck with Maths."

"If I miss big chunks of school my brain power would go down."

"Reading and attendance helps me get better and learn more."

"It makes me want to come to school more."