At Smarden Primary School we have a clear vision: all children should be safe using technology and online, inspired by technology and confident and active users of technology. We want pupils to be able to access and understand technology, to have a deep understanding of how & why it works, more than knowing simply how to use it. 

Our curriculum is built around the three main learning strands of Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy. 

Computer Science is learning how digital systems work. Pupils learn coding to program screen sprites or  hardware to follow a set of instructions correctly, including debugging and the creation of individual projects. Skills of coding build through the school from simple commands in the beginning to complex sets of instructions in the later years. 

Information Technology  is the applying their computer science knowledge to create systems and content.

Digital Literacy is evaluation of the technology that they use and making safe choices when using the internet. They are taught to respect others online and  keep themselves safe. Lessons are taught regularly and the Y6 Safety Squad do termly assemblies for the rest of the school on e-safety. 

Computing is an ever growing area of the modern world in which we live, and we appreciate its ever growing influence. We endeavour to teach high-quality lessons to equip pupils for an evolving digital world with the skills and knowledge they will need in the future. 


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Progression of Knowledge - Computing


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