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We have been busy writing sonnets - what do you think?

(Term 4)


I have a cat, she loves me, I love her

Her name is Luna, She is very nice.

She walks around, she likes to sit and purr.

She comes on my lap. As silent as ice.


She hates moving homes, we keep her at bay.

When she is comfortable, we let her roam.

If there is a mouse she searches the house.

She does not like water nor big wet foam.


She meows to say hello, and for food. Yum!

She is black and white and has no fright. Brave!

Yummy fish and other food in her tum.

She hunts in the night with no fright, mice rave.


The mice scurry in fear not to be heard.

But Luna is now out chasing a bird!


Foxes are so orange and so pretty;

They do not always go out in the night.

There fur is so soft and never gets gritty;

Sometimes they come out in the morning light.


Foxes can have very long and sharp claws;

And they are ginger and scary to me!

The baby ones have really little paws;

It would be good if they all drink cold tea.


Dollybelle and I like looking at them;

Dollybelle likes foxes more than I do.

My neighbour puts foxes in her old pen;

Sometimes in my garden they run right through.


Foxes are so pretty so I write this;

One more fact about foxes  - they can hiss!



Friends are so important to everyone,

Everybody needs a friend in their life.

The worst thing is if you have few or none;

Angry friends can sometimes use a sharp knife.


My friends are very generous to me;

I have three important friends come meet them!

Also usually they are drinking tea,

And like playing when it’s very sunny.


They are called Vica, Bella, and Suzie

They are all eleven, the same as me.

And Suzie hates the name that is Posie;

Victoria likes to eat healthy peas.


That’s why my friends are very important,

Isabella likes to watch elephants.

Horse riding

Horse riding is quite fun most of the time,

Except when you have to muck out stables.

The horses are often covered in grime,

Horses’ tack is often by a table.


My favourite horse is Bonnie – she is great!

I love to go over jumps on Bonnie.

I make sure I don’t get to lessons late;

I like to ride when it is most sunny.


I like to be with Ellen at the yard;

Ellen is a great friend when I’m riding.

Galloping is fun but also quite hard;

In the hay barn we like to go hiding.


I love to go riding and you should too;

Maybe you could even meet someone new.



I have a very cute cat called Rolo;

She likes to ride a skateboard round my house!

She really likes to eat all the Polos;

She is very good at hunting small mouse.


Rolo is very good at giving hugs;

I also have a guinea pig called Fudge.

Rolo always rolls around on the rugs,

When I am at home I give her a hug.


At home, Rolo always sits in a tree;

When I get home she always runs to me.

At home she always sits with me for tea;

When she goes crazy she tends to climb trees.


If I were you I would get a cat too,

But you always have to clean up their poo!



What have we been up to?






In Term 1 science, we looked at the human body and how the circulatory system works. We explored the components of blood and how they all work together to keep us alive.