Top Tips to get ready for 'Big School'

Are You Ready?

Over the coming weeks and months, you will probably be wondering what you can  do at home to support your child’s transition to school. We have developed a list of activities to be working towards to enable your child to be more independent when they arrive in the Reception class in September. Remember you are your child’s first and most important teacher and every child develops at their own rate so please don’t worry if your child cannot do everything or anything on this list.  It is not that your child cannot do it, it’s just they cannot do it YET!                                                 

There is still plenty of time.  Good luck and have fun - these are the wonder years.


Top Tips 

  1. Use a toilet.
  2. Put their coat on, try zip / buttons.
  3. Express their needs.
  4. Use manners such as please and thank you.
  5. Begin to share and take turns.
  6. Wash and dry their own hands.
  7. Use a tissue to wipe their own nose/ put their hand in front of their mouth if coughing or sneezing.    
  8. Use a fork and knife when eating a hot meal.
  9. Put on and remove their own shoes.
  10. Recognise their own name when it is written on their belongings.