This page is written and updated by Year 6 pupils at Smarden Primary


Author Of The Month

Each month we get a new author.  Some of our previous authors include J.K Rowling, Anna James, Terry Deary and Roald Dahl, though there are many more. Pupils are encouraged to recommend a new author for the next month. Every new author is introduced by a pair or group of Year 6 pupils. Our author for January 2023 is Jeremy Strong. 


AR Quizzes & Levels

Every time a pupil finishes a book on accelerated reader they take a quiz on the book. At  some point through the term students take a star reading test which determines their level of reading.  


End Of Term Reading Raffle

Every time you get 100% on a quiz your name goes into the raffle, so if you get 100% on 3 quizzes your name goes in the raffle 3 times. The more hundred percent quizzes you get, the more of a chance you get to win the £10 voucher. The raffle is drawn in the last medals assembly of the term.